ARQBÓREA is a development owned by Gmp.

Founded in 1979, Gmp is one of the leading property-owning real estate groups in Spain.  Its strong focus on property-owning has enabled it to establish a solid position in the Spanish market, specialising in the development, investment and management of real estate, specifically the high-end office and business park segment in Madrid.

The Gmp group currently owns more than 479,400 sq. metres in developments, which include 4,964 parking spaces, and land reserved for new projects, 65,105 sq. metres of which is building land.

It has a stable and diversified portfolio of clients, many of whom are leading multinational companies, key players in the global economy.  Gmp’s portfolio of buildings includes buildings such as oxxeo, Génova 27, Alcalá 16, Hermosilla 3, Castellana 77, Castellana 81 and the business parks Parque Norte, Castellana Norte and Iberia Mart I and II.

The GIC Group, the Singapore sovereign wealth fund, has joined Gmp and owns a 32.9% stake in the Company.

Customer Service Excellence

From its inception, Gmp has developed property-owning management of buildings by adopting a client-led focus and demonstrating a high level of commitment.

The Head of Client Management and team play a key role in resolving incidents efficiently and anticipating client needs.

All the buildings managed by Gmp have a Building Manager and Facility Manager located in the building who liaise directly with clients.

Gmp conducts client satisfaction surveys every year. The overall rating awarded over the years indicates a high level of satisfaction, consistently above 4 out of 5.

To drive forward excellence of service, Gmp has created the role of Client Experience Manager to promote active listening to client needs and the generation of memorable experiences in its buildings with which users identify.

Integrated Management System

In the framework of its CSR strategy, Gmp was the first Spanish real estate company to obtain, in 2009, AENOR triple certification for an Integrated System for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in the Workplace in the acquisition, sale, lease and management of maintenance, fit-out and conservation of office building assets.

In March 2018, Gmp renewed these certifications until 2021 and maintains its differential position as the only Spanish property company to hold these distinctions.

Triple AENOR certification establishes the procedures that optimise day-to-day activities and endorses Gmp’s commitment to ongoing improvement, good environmental practices at the buildings in its portfolio and client satisfaction through sustainable quality management.