Facility Manager

The Facility Manager, who works on-site serves as a direct and personalised communication channel in order to provide effective solutions to requests made by companies located on site.

Internal Mail Service

This service comprises the reception, classification and delivery of standard post and courier services.

Loading and Unloading

Bay in the car park providing access to vehicles for goods delivery and collection.

Rest Areas

Two spaces with spectacular views from the rooftop area, which help occupants unwind and relax.


Located on the ground floor, it will be equipped with a full range of top-of-the-range muscle-building machines: back and shoulder stretching training bench, sit-up bench, rowing, ellipticals, exercise bike, bench press and leg stretches. The gym will also connect to an open-air exercise area.

Gmp Smart

Exclusive app for users of buildings owned by Gmp that enables them to interact with their smartbuilding and enjoy a world of services and exclusive benefits.

Mobile Access

Mobile phones can be used to access the building through the next-generation turnstiles using the “Gmp Smart” app.

Wi-Fi in Common Areas

Wi-Fi service for users and visitors, in the lobby, car park, rest areas and gym.

Other Services

24-hour surveillance service, 365 days of the year, maintenance, cleaning of common areas, waste collection, recharging points for electric vehicles, bicycle parking and shower and changing rooms.