The Building

ARQBÓREA stands out for its modern, sustainable design at the cutting edge of technology, where architectural, aesthetic and visual quality combines with the criteria of usability, flexibility and maximum comfort for users.

Designed by the prestigious international studio ORTIZ.LEÓN.ARQUITECTOS, it is a freestanding building comprising three connected units, which are ideally situated on the plot of land.  ARQBÓREA’s proposition includes a double skin with terraces and vegetation on the façades most exposed to sunlight.  This design component protects against direct sun and provides higher levels of comfort and wellbeing for occupants of the building, as well as saving substantially on energy costs.

With a surface area of 15,790 sqm, distributed over 5 floors above ground, the building has 472 parking spaces distributed on 2 floors below ground, including spaces for electric vehicles and motorcycle.

The office floors, which cover an area of 3,010.7 sqm and are 2.7 metres high, are open plan, with columns found on the façade only in order to maximise natural light and interior space. Moreover, the building has two central cores encompassing vertical communication spaces, toilets and mechanical rooms.

ARQBÓREA’s high level of flexibility satisfies a wide range of demands in terms of office space from 322 to 15,790 sqm.

The building includes green areas with landscaping, urban furniture and a drop-off area for taxis and cars.

With the highest standards of sustainability, wellbeing, technology and accessibility, the building holds the following certifications: LEED Platinum, WELL Health-Safety Rating, WiredScore Platinum, SmartScore Platinum and AIS rating (Accessibility Indicator System) 5 stars.

Moreover, aligned to its strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of people, ARQBÓREA is implementing the WELL Building Standard certification process for Core & Shell. The aim is to achieve the highest grade of WELL certification: Platinum.

ARQBÓREA stands out for the high level of flexibility it offers, satisfying a wide range of demands in terms of office space from 322 to 15,790 sqm.


360º View

Ground Floor Plane

Typical Floor Layout

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Standard floor module options

3 modules

4 modules

8 modules

Since 1984, when Iñigo Ortiz Díez de Tortosa and Enrique León García founded ORTIZ.LEON.ARQUITECTOS, the main objective of the studio has been to combine architecture, technology and the environment. 

ORTIZ.LEON operates offices in Madrid, Shanghai and Miami from where it has developed iconic projects such as the Mapfre Tower in Barcelona, the Sanitas building in Madrid, the Torre de Cristal skyscraper in Madrid, the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao, the BBVA campus or the Caohejing complex in Shanghai. 

Its professional practice embraces private, public and one-of-a-kind projects thanks to the studio team and its important network of national and international partners that has been consolidated over 20+ years of professional development.

The design and work systems implemented, the use of the latest technologies and team work, assessing the environment, costs and client needs, guarantee a high level of quality and coordination in the finished product, always maintaining the studio’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.